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After 15 Years

in Business,

Here Are 15 Things

I Know For Sure

Over the years I've learned a lot...and, made a lot of mistakes along the way. But over these 15 years, I've tried to help local businesses find their voice and affordable avenues for delivering their stories to consumers. I've also learned that we make things much more complicated! For each shiny, new advertising option there is more confusion and wasted budget. 

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Memorability Matters

Put yourself in the shoes of the guy who

just got cut off in traffic, or the spouse who

is rushing to the grocery store to get dinner, or someone who lost a family member or beloved pet.


We are all on different paths and need something more than a laundry list of features to decipher when our ads come on, or when they see us on Facebook. It takes memorability that reaches into our emotional side to truly create memorability.  

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