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Core Values

Don't waste your money
on ineffective advertising.

We win for our clients.

If you're spending more than $100,000 a year on advertising
and not getting what you deserve, call us. 

Our Core Values


Most businesses just can't compete, or know where to start. It's easy to say "I can't spend
as much as some of the biggest car dealers
in the market!" You probably can't! That's
why we're here. We use our collective buying experience, media relationships and buying power to get your business the best placements and frequency to gain maximum exposure. We use the latest creative technology to create local and regional ads that represent your business and proudly stand next to nationally created ads.


We know the media environment changes daily. We're always keeping our eyes open
for new media opportunities and breakthroughs that make sense for their businesses. We loathe banner ads, but understand the power of Facebook and digital video and how to utilize video to create memorability across social media platforms. 


If you're looking for a quick fix, you've come to the wrong place! We've learned from decades of experience that persistence pays off. Most businesses don't properly, and consistently, do the blocking and tackling well. Businesses that waste money on advertising get too focused on throwing the ball down field in hopes of hitting one big play for a quick score. Not us! We know that advertising is won in the trenches, consistently, and not fly-by-night packages and one-off ideas.


We're not here to sell you on the latest package, magical new solution, or blow smoke where the sun doesn't shine. We'll honestly assess your current situation, your competitors, and media environment to provide you with an accurate picture of what it is going to take to make your brand stronger. We seek honest and open client relationships that deliver real results.

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